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Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 Episode 3 I with no doubt say that this is a good TV show. Maybe the story-line isn’t nothing new to people but it’s really interesting to watch and I completed the whole season in just two evenings. The camera crew had done a really great job. The filming was creative and I always like to think how it is for them.

Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 Episode 3 This TV show actually gave me a few life lessons and I bet that to the crew – even more. Things don’t go always the way you want them to go. In this case they faced like tons of problems but they’re spirit was unbreakable and the mechanic – amazing. Some may say that Todd’s leader skills are poor and that they make some silly rookie mistakes. But, people, don’t forget that they are kinda desperate in the situation they are and overall just six “average Joe’s” When I watched the last episode I saw that they have really fell in love with gold mining and they wont stop. I think that this adventure has changed their lives. And that is what I love the most about this series – making the dream come true from scratch, facing problems and solving them, filming and simply just seeing the gold.

Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 Episode 3 Seriously these idiots supposedly spent Nearly $250 to get their home made wash plant built and running on their leased claim in Alaska. OK I checked the classifieds in the California Mining Journal. A ready to run truck mounted wash plant Was Listed for $60,000 including the heavy equipment needed to run it. Seriously, check the classified ads.

Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 Episode 3 The writers have gone out of their way to create fake drama in this show. We’re down to the wire out of money and have been (supposedly) running for months. Never once have they checked to see if they are actually getting any gold. Nobody, except maybe a Hollywood writer, is that stupid. For the amount of material they supposedly moved and the pitiful amount of gold recovered they have picked the worst spot on earth, maybe the entire solar system.

Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 Episode 3 Parents need to know that this series featuring a group of miners trying to find gold in Alaska contains some salty language (the strongest words bleeped), and arguments sometimes lead to pushing, shoving, and threats of more violence. Contracting equipment logos (Caterpillar, etc.) are visible. The men are driven by money, but the show also reveals positive messages about loyalty, staying positive, and working hard to realizing a dream.

Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 Episode 3 (previously titled Gold Rush: Alaska) features a crew of down-on-their luck miners battling the Alaskan wilderness for gold. Headed up by Todd Hoffman and his father Jack, the six crewmen (including Greg Remsburg, Jim Thurber, James Harness, and Dave Turin) spend the summer months digging for gold in Porcupine Creek, Alaska using heavy equipment to seek their fortune, while exploring mining opportunities in the Klondike. Throughout it all, they must cope with seriously injured crewmen, licensing and financial woes, broken equipment, and competition created by veteran miner Dakota Fred Hurt. The stakes are high, but the Hoffmans are committed to finding enough gold to make it worthwhile.

Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 Episode 3 The story told here is reminiscent of the gold rush stories of the past, and includes a similar cast of characters: the cash-strapped family risking everything for fortune, the loyal team of miners that sticks with them, and the devious claim jumpers who want to cash in on their spoils. Also adding to the drama is the relentless power of the elements, which in Alaska translates to intolerably cold weather, hard, frozen soil, and precarious terrain.

Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 Episode 3 Despite its connection to the past,  the series shows how truly backbreaking and dangerous gold mining is. It also shows, despite the help of computers, large machinery, and other modern-day equipment, that there are no guarantees when it comes to finding gold. As a result, you can’t help but wonder why these men keep doing what they are doing, despite the many mishaps and failed mining attempts they experience along the way.